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What is Indigen?

Indigen is an organization that connects new expats with established expats and Swiss locals through an online network (the B-Hive) and through one-to-one interaction (the B-Matched Program) to build and strengthen the Basel community.

Why are you doing this?

We know what it’s like! We have made an international move ourselves and know how hard it can be to adjust. We feel that having a personal connection and a place where you can find reliable information can make all the difference in the first few months of an international move.

What are the problems you are trying to solve?

An international move can be stressful, not only for the working partner, but the trailing partner as well. It can be challenging to adjust to a change or pause in career as well as to set up your home in a foreign language and culture. We provide the social support that is often lacking from relocation packages to allow new expats to make friends, explore interests and build a community in Basel.

What is a Newcomer?

A Newcomer is a special term we use for anyone who is planning to move to the Basel region, or have moved here within the past year and have joined our B-Matched Program.

What is a Local Guide?

A Local Guide is a special term we use for anyone who has lived in the Basel region for over one year, is interested in helping Newcomers settle and has joined our B-Matched Program.

How do I become a Newcomer or Local Guide?

Becoming a Newcomer or Guide means joining our B-Matched Program. Click here to get started. Please see the B-Matched page for more details.

Can I still join Indigen if I am not a Newcomer or Local Guide?

Yes! You can join the B-Hive right away and get started right away. Please see the B-Hive for more info.


What is the B-Hive?

The B-Hive is an online network that has informative videos and articles to help new expats settle in Basel. It is also a network of social groups where anyone living in Basel can explore their interests, ask questions and meet new people.

How do I sign up?

Click here to join and create a profile.

What is expected of me?

It is very important to us that the B-Hive fosters a positive, community-minded spirit. We expect everyone participating to be respectful, welcoming and helpful. Be kind and responsive to people asking questions. Contribute, make suggestions and have fun!

Does it cost anything?

During the Pilot Project the B-Hive is free. Part of the purpose of the Pilot Project is for us to figure out how to make this community sustainable over time.

How can I join the B-Hive?

1. Click here . 2. Create a profile and tell us a bit about yourself. 3. Join the conversation – Ask and answer questions, comment on articles - remember to keep it positive!

How do I find answers to my questions on the B-Hive?

1. Try the search bar, oftentimes someone has already had the same question. 2. Explore our articles and videos. 3. Ask a question in a relevant group, our community is ready and willing to help.

What are B-Hive Groups?

B-Hive Groups are moderated groups of people who have shared interests, such as hiking, children, pets, etc. If you don’t find the group you are looking for and want to make your own, get in touch here and let us know!

I have a small business - can I promote it on the B-Hive?

Yes…with limitations. You are welcome to create a business profile and join our moderated group “B-Business”. Within this group you may advertise on the first of every month, but promotion in any other space on the B-Hive is strictly prohibited.

I’I have a great idea, I want to write an article!

We'd love to hear your ideas! Get in touch here.


What is the B-Matched Program?

The B-Matched Program is a pairing we facilitate between a Newcomer and a Local Guide that typically lasts at least 3 months. Pairings are made after you fill out an online questionnaire where you tell us a bit about yourself. Meetings are online or in person, which is decided by the pair and pairs are expected to connect 2-4 times per month for the first three months. Interested? Click here to become a Newcomer or Local Guide.

How are people matched?

We review the information you have provided to us and base your match on commonalities such as interests, family situation, language etc.

What is expected of me in the B-Matched Program?

After we make your match, a Local Guide contacts a Newcomer and welcomes them to the program and to Basel. Newcomers have a thousand questions (we know, we’ve been there!) and Local Guides do their best to answer them or direct their Newcomer to someone who can help. The purpose of this pairing is not just for questions though, but to help with some essential social contact that is often lacking in the first few months of an international move. Pairs can meet for coffee, go on a hike or explore the local supermarkets, it’s up to you! A typical pairing lasts between 3-6 months. We want to make this program the best it can be and need your help! So, during this time we will also ask for your feedback in the form of surveys or a short interview.

Does it cost anything?

During the Pilot Project the B-Matched Program is free. Part of the purpose of the Pilot Project is for us to figure out how to make this program sustainable over time.

Do Local Guides get paid?

During the Pilot Project Local Guides contribute on a voluntary basis. However, during the course of the Pilot Project we will be exploring ways in which we can compensate our Local Guides in the future.

How long does it take to be matched?

During the Pilot Project it is hard to know how quickly we will be able to make a good match. We strive to do this, within 1-2 weeks of receiving your completed form.

What happens if I don’t click with my Local Guide/Newcomer?

Everyone who signs up for this program understands that despite our best efforts, we might not always make the perfect match! First, keep it positive, and if you feel comfortable explain to your partner directly that it’s not a good fit. Then inform us and we will set about helping to rematch you. If you feel like you cannot approach your partner directly, contact us and we will facilitate a new match.


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