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Co-Founder / CEO

Johanna moved to Austria in 2007 and then to Switzerland in 2012, where she now lives just outside of Bern with her husband, two children and cat. Through those two moves and the process of settling in both countries she realised what a difference it makes to connect to the right people and get the support you need. And that is exactly why she brought Indigen to life! When she is not thinking about Indigen, Johanna is busy dreaming up other crazy ideas ;) - homeschooling, learning French or enjoying all that Switzerland has to offer.


Co-Founder / Strategist

Ariana moved to Basel in November 2018 with her husband, two daughters and two cats. While going through the experience of moving to a place where she did not know anyone or anything, Ariana thought a lot about the value of community.  She is a community planner by training, a lover of well-organized closets, and an aspiring gardener.  At Indigen she hopes to help expats make connections and navigate their new life in Basel.


Co-Founder / Editor

Meaghan has lived in Basel since August 2018 with her husband and two small children. In her former life she was an event planner and dressmaker, but now spends much of her time learning German, so that one day she may decipher the mail she receives and understand 

the announcements on the tram. She has a passion for sewing and dancing and enjoys cooking, hiking and yoga. She appreciates how difficult an overseas move can be and with Indigen she hopes that she can help others to grow to love Swiss culture as much as she does.

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Indigen Basel provides a positive and welcoming environment to facilitate the integration of expats in Switzerland. Through our online network the B-Hive and the B-Matched Program, participants are encouraged to socialize and contribute in an effort to build and strengthen community amongst expats and Swiss in Basel.


Indigen Basel wants people to have a successful relocation to Switzerland.  We want to provide support for newly employed expats, trailing partners and their families and to create a sense of community between foreign expats and Swiss locals.


On an individual level, we hope to reduce the anxiety and stress associated with an international move by providing reliable information and facilitating online and in-person meetings between new expats and established expats and Swiss locals. The ultimate goal is to help people to settle easier and faster in Basel in order to make it their new home.  


On a business level, this sense of community increases happiness and well-being among relocated families, which in turn, benefits companies by increasing the likelihood of successful international relocations.


On a societal level, the integration of expats within the community provides the opportunity for more meaningful connections between local Swiss and expats, which can aid community development as a whole.


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