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Indigen helps people settle, connect and thrive in Basel.

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Moving to Basel or just arrived?

We know how challenging

an international move can be. 

Indigen Basel is here to help. 


We provide the information you

need within a friendly and welcoming environment.  


We connect you with established

residents and locals, help you settle

and build your community.

Let us help make this move home.


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Indigen Basel helps you to settle in two ways:

First, our online network  

the B-Hive gives you access to articles, videos, how-to-guides,

and an interactive map of the city.


This can be accessed before you arrive, so you can get a sense of the communities in the area and start imagining your life in Basel.

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The second way we do this is by

connecting you to established

residents and locals through

our B-Matched Program.  


This program allows you to

connect on a personal level

with someone who lives in Basel. 


Here you can ask questions,

get information and meet

your first friend to help

show you the city.

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Questions, Comments? Drop us a line!


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